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English Week Aligned With The Outcome Based Education (OBE)

Learning English is not merely practicing it in the classroom. That is what we here in KIPSAS believe so. Thus, the idea of having English Week brings it into reality. The objectives of English Week are to make sure that students gain all the elements which are supposed to be learnt in classroom together with the soft skills.

This is aligned with the purpose of implementing the Outcome Based Education (OBE). English Week is one of the means of Outcome Based Education (OBE) where all the activities are actually another way of learning the language and it focuses more on the student-centered approach, besides the ones they have in classrooms. They took control of the learning process themselves and at the same time enjoyed the process.

For instance, by conducting the drama, the students learn to use the language indirectly when they rehearsed the dialogue. This can  also be seen as they learned new vocabulary through spelling bee and prepared report as they joined the exhibition.

English Week is held annually. This year, it took place on 6th until 9th February 2012. The activities were done by all the students who took the English subjects, from semester 1 to semester 4. There were Drama competition, Choral Speaking, Readers Theater, English for Law exhibition, Spelling Bee and Awareness campaign. As fun as it seemed, the students poured their hearts into making these activities succeed. However, there’s a catch behind it.

All presentations were considered as class assignments. They were evaluated for the effort and performance. To make the judging fair, there were some lecturers from other institutions who were invited to be the judges and they were from Professional Mara College, Poly-Tech Mara College and Pahang Malaysia University.

As it objective is to inculcate the positive values and soft skills, all of the programs were handled by the students themselves, with the guidance from the lecturers. The students from Business Communication formed a committee which was responsible on managing the events.  Their tasks included planning, asking for sponsorship, and ran the event for the whole week. Nevertheless, these were not done in a day.

Everything started a month before the actual day. Although the students were the ones responsible for all these, the lecturers still offered their helping hands in any way the students needed. Name anything, they were gladly to help. Moreover, the students needed trainers in the respective genre and that was when the role of lecturers came in handy.

The closing night which was called The Gala Night, concluded the week. The winners for all the competition and the finalist of the drama competition performed the winning performance. Not only had the students enjoyed the show but the outsiders too. There were audiences from UiTM Kuantan campus and students from a  Maahad Tahfiz. The outsiders were surprised with the performance. One teacher from Maahad Tahfiz even requested the lecturers here to conduct ‘English Camp’ at their place. We accept it as a challenge with open arms.

In a nutshell, English Week is not just an ordinary week. Besides learning, it builds teamwork among students. Their relationships are getting better as they got the opportunity to know each other really well. We can be as creative as we want to be. As students enjoy the program, the lecturers agree that this can fulfill the teaching objectives.

It is hoped that this program will benefit the students and there will be many interesting activities for English Week in the future.  We practice equal education; therefore, each student gets equal opportunity to be involved in the English language learning activities.  We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves… Learn English the fun way!

Reported by:  Farahiyah Abd Jalil and Ida Khairiyah Mohd Yusof
Edited by:  Roszalina Abdul Rahim